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Enjoy the perks of solar-powered water pumps

Solar power is quickly becoming more useful and necessary today than ever before. Harness the power of the sun and make it work for you! With the help of the professional and experienced crew at Service Pump, you can enjoy a solar-powered pump to help fill your storage tank or pond even when there is no easy electrical hookup available to you.


These pumps can be installed on ground racks or mounted to the roof.

Save money while you pump

Solar pumps are great for those looking to cut down on their utility spending. Being powered by the sun, solar pumps are energy efficient, passing on the savings on your monthly electric bills.

The professional crew at Service Pump specializes in Grundfos solar pumps. In our experience, this is the best brand of solar-powered pumps, and we have been trained in all aspects of proper service, installation, and repair of this top name brand.

Never be stuck without water

Solar pumps do not need an electric connection to operate, and they can run even when the power goes down. Ideal for filling up storage tanks, you will never need to worry about being without water when you go solar!

Specializing in top name brands


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Specializing in top name brands Specializing in top name brands Never be stuck without water solar pumps